Our FacilitiesExtraordinary infrastructure. Exceptional education.

Throughout the campus, the spirit of our design is intended to completely redefine the traditional campus concept. With the use of surprise elements, unconventional materials and an outside the box philosophy, our campus aims to provide you with an engaging, exciting and cutting edge educational experience.

The Experience Centre

The ISH Experience Centre is our welcome point and helps students learn more about front office operations.

Student Learning Centre

Our Student Learning Centre is there to ensure our students have the best possible environment to excel in their studies. Designed with individual learning needs and study preferences in mind, the SLC accommodates a range of facilities to help students accomplish their academic goals.

Start up incubator

Got a great idea? Let’s work on it together. We’ve set up a unique Innovation Hub within the SLC to help you bring your ideas to reality. If you believe that you have an idea that could change the face of the industry, we’re here to help. Our Innovation Hub services are there to help turn your dream into the next big disruptor.

Taste lab

Our uniquely designed lab will teach you more about the world of flavour and aroma. Here’s where you’ll be refining your palate and kicking your culinary skills up a notch through specially designed workshops that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the subtle nuances of food and beverage.

Training kitchen

Fully decked out with everything found in the best professional kitchens in the industry, our training facilities are where you’ll be delving into the culinary arts under the instruction of both training instructors as well as industry veterans. You’ll experience the true feeling of being part of a team in a professional culinary environment.

Multimedia classrooms

Our classroom design philosophy is to use high tech methods for high touch results. All of our classrooms are decked out with projectors and multimedia to deliver a more immersive and engaging experience and to help students retain information and skills more efficiently.

Student areas

The perfect place to get together between classes and catch up with friends, the student rec area provides students with a peaceful area to relax, read or hangout in their free time. Inspired by the outdoors, students are free to soak in the sunshine and take it easy on their breaks.

Food hall

Our Food Hall is the heart of our campus. With a mix of live and buffet counters, you’ll be able to choose a variety of cuisines to dig into every single day. With changing cuisines, you’re bound to discover a new favourite dish every single day.

Come and experience our campus for yourself

Come and explore our world class campus during one of our open days. By registering, you’ll be notified about any upcoming open day tours and will be able to book one at your convenience. During the open day, you’ll get an insider’s tour across our entire campus and will be able to see our cutting edge campus for yourself. For more information, head over to the Open Day page.

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