Intensive Culinary
Arts Certificate
Discover your culinary passion.
Develop your exceptional skill set.

Our intensive programme gives you the toolkit to follow your own path in the industry

Our programme helps you discover your culinary passion and gives you a cutting-edge kick start to your new career in just 17 months. Within the programme, all students will build a strong foundation of essential culinary fundamentals, while undergoing their own personal culinary journey to develop their chosen specialisation.

With the unique flexibility of the curriculum, you’ll also have the opportunity to deepen your culinary specialisation by transferring to our four year culinary arts course following your graduation from this programme. Students who choose to do so will then receive a Bachelor’s Degree with a specialisation at the end of the four year programme.

With exclusive industry internships available to students, you will have the opportunity to use their skills within a real world culinary environment with leading hospitality and culinary brands. Following the internship, students will then return back to the academic aspect of the curriculum to nurture their new-found hands-on skills and further pursue their chosen specialisation.

Throughout the programme, students will have the freedom to pursue their culinary interests and pursue additional skill building through special development workshops with an academic mentor in their chosen culinary field, giving them an additional edge towards their final professional profile and skill set. Following the course of the curriculum, students will have a strong grasp of culinary foundations, with their own chosen specialisation nurtured through internships and development workshops during 6 months of the programme (two internships of 3 months each).

Choose your own path. Your way.

The first year of the programme has strong elements of active theoretical learning - through classroom interactions, seminars, and workshops with subject matter experts. The depth of learning is parallel to our long duration culinary programme, giving students who wish to undertake a more immersive culinary journey the option to switch to our main culinary arts programme upon completion of the Intensive Culinary Arts Programme’s duration.

If the student chooses to transition, they are required to appear for the UG external exams to ensure full and successful transfer between course options.

Expand your expertise with real world experience

Subsequent to the 11 month course completion, 6-month internships are available to all students.

Each internship is split into 2 parts; 3 months of external industry exposure with either one of our leading industry partners, or other prominent brands that the student wishes to intern with.

This experience offers practical learning opportunities across culinary techniques – followed by 3 months of specialized practical learning within the ISH premises, assisting the chefs of the institute and learning all elements of operations in a real time environment including the business end of F&B offerings of ISH.

Career Scope

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will get the unique opportunity to be considered for challenging, senior job roles in a wide range of industries including hotels, QSRs, event companies, boutique restaurants and have the opportunity to pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures.

ISH gives them an edge with its strong industry network, progressive curriculum and life skills impetus which places them in better stead amongst peers and opens doors to a wide variety of roles from front line to supervisory cadres depending on the HR policies of the recruiting organization.

Internship option to be advised to ensure positive placements of students across the industry sectors. ISH will assist with internship placements and final placements of students.

Semester One :

Culinary Fundamentals – organization, terminologies & cooking methods

Fine Dining Cuisine

Hot Cuisine I

Culinary Skills Development I

Bakery & Pastry

Product Knowledge I

Nutrition, Hygiene and Safety

Culinary Management - Menu Planning, Engineering & Costing

Communication & Business Protocol

Introduction to Culinary & Hospitality Business

Principles of Marketing

Computer Application I

Culinary French

Semester Two :

Fine Dining Cuisine

Garde Manger I

Culinary Skills Development II

Dessert & Confectionary

Indian Cuisines & Food Culture

Product Knowledge II

Stewarding Theory & Application

Balanced Diet & Allergens

Culinary Management - Purchasing & Cost Control

Beverage and Wine Knowledge

Computer Application II

Culinary French


Accounting - Uniform System of Accounts

Semester Three

Industry Internship - 6 months / 20 weeks full time

The minimum eligibility to apply to the Indian School of Intensive culinary arts certificate programme is the following:

  • Students who have completed their Class XII or equivalent.

  • Graduates, professionals and PG students planning to change paths and pursue a career or venture in the exciting world of culinary arts.

Here’s what to expect when applying to ISH:

Step one: apply online

Step two: coordinated interview

Step three: interview, group discussion, team building activity

Step four: selection and confirmation of acceptance

For information on academic fees for the 2018/19 academic intake, please email us at for more information and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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