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Indian School of Hospitality – in strategic partnership with Lausanne Hospitality Consulting

ISH envisions its curriculum design to be a global benchmark of hospitality education in the near future, and in order to do so has entered into a strategic partnership with Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC) for curriculum development and faculty training. ISH has partnered with LHC in preparation for an academic certification by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the world’s oldest and top ranked hospitality management higher education institution worldwide. In addition to the Four- Year Bachelor of Hotel Management Programme, ISH will offer several long and short-term programmes in both culinary and executive education.

About Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC)

Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC) is the Swiss knowledge development and management advisory company of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland and the Swiss Hotel Association. Established over 40 years ago, LHC has delivered its unique services in over 60 countries through its business lifecycle support approach.

The LHC house of knowledge services include development of hospitality learning centres, certification of hospitality learning centres-products-individuals, people search & management support, executive education and management advisory. At present, LHC operates three fulltime offices globally at Lausanne (Switzerland), Beijing (China) and Delhi-NCR (India).

In the education segment, LHC offers its expertise to a select group of partners globally who are looking to develop and operate Swiss standard hospitably learning centres/institutions of higher education.

LHC also designs and delivers a variety of variety of education programmes for the hospitality and service industries. They service customers from across sectors such as international hotel chains, independent hotels, luxury retailers, airlines, banks, insurance companies, FMCG retailers, high-end hospitals, manufacturing companies and hotel associations.

With their extensive portfolio of clients, LHC recognizes the importance of quality education in order to provide capable talent for the fast-paced and diverse hospitality industry.

Excellence in education. Exceptional talent.

LHC employs a structured approach that combines the experience and philosophy of Swiss hospitality education. ISH acknowledges the existing gaps in the Indian hospitality education space and aims to bridge these gaps through a unique educational offering, which is both research and innovation driven and has a real-time connect to the industry. Our partnership with LHC brings us closer to achieving our goal of producing exceptional talent and graduates focused on delivering hospitality and service excellence.

What does our partnership bring to you?

By sharing the excellence of Swiss hospitality education, LHC’s unique philosophy and programme design has tailored the ISH curriculum to include the best learning philosophies, and is designed to develop truly exceptional talent.
LHC believes that a successful hospitality programme should provide the right balance of the arts and sciences of hospitality and management. In adopting their philosophy, we have incorporated specific criteria into our programmes, keeping in mind both local and global requirements, as well as professional opportunities post-graduation.
LHC promotes and supports a forward-thinking education for our students at ISH, ensuring their successful positioning on both local and global platforms and enabling them to acquire skillsets that are relevant, progressive, and future-proof.
With a view to supporting ISH in staying ahead of the curve, LHC shall conduct detailed on-site audits at the ISH campus on an annual basis. These audits are designed to assist ISH in continuously improving its education quality and the student learning experience.

Academic Certification of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

ISH shall be seeking the academic certification of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) for its Four Year Bachelor of Hotel Management Programme through LHC. The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne academic certification recognises best-in-class hospitality institutions in their respective country and region. Institutions certified by EHL receive continuous support such as strategic management advisory, inputs for curriculum improvements, faculty training and content development. Certified institutions are part of an exclusive network of leading learning centres that meet and exchange best-practice on a regular basis.

Additionally, students and faculty of certified institutions enjoy international exchange and collaboration opportunities through case-by- case evaluation of applications within the network of certified institutions. Furthermore, students get the opportunity to complete their studies at certified institutions across the globe.

About Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is an ambassador for traditional Swiss hospitality and has been a pioneer in hospitality education since 1893. It has created and inspired a unique professional community of over 25,000 hospitality managers, united by the values and the legacy of EHL.

EHL is a leading leading institution of higher education that provides learning solutions for enthusiastic, talented and ambitious students from 106 different countries. With undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs, EHL offers its students a range of on-campus and online education opportunities at different stages of their professional journey.

EHL is regularly recognized as the best hotel management school in the world with the highest graduate employment rates in the industry. EHL is a member of EHL Holding SA, a Group dedicated to hospitality management education.

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